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CiA 447 Car Add-on Devices Gateway Simulation Software Available

July 21st, 2010 Comments off

The number of product developments supporting the automotive standard for ‘add-on devices’ CiA447 is on the rise.

The standard supports electronic devices used in taxis, emergency response vehicles and other governmental service vehicles. Typical components include roof bars (light & sound), radios, control units, taximeters, printers and similar devices.

Using a CiA447 gateway, automotive manufacturers like Daimler already provide access to the vehicles internal data today. The standard allows sharing some of the car’s resources like switches and displays with CiA447 devices. A steering wheel button can be used as the PTT (push to talk) button for a radio, which in return can use the car’s display to show channel numbers, volume settings or such.

ESAcademy now provides a CiA447 gateway simulation software, which greatly eases the development of CiA447 compatible devices. Engineers no longer need the car or a physical mock-up of the gateway to work on their developments. The gateway simulation is based on the same software that is used in the gateways of various automotive manufacturers. It allows CiA447 compatible devices to access the cars’ data, like dashboard components (buttons, displays).

The simulation can also ‘re-play’ tours, which are simulations of drives along a specific route. The tour data visible on the network includes engine and location (GPS) data.

The software is available at (European Union) and (rest of the world).

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